Danish made

100% Eco friendly organic cotton products


RIC Danmark bliver til koya.dk

New design and colors but still the same good quality.
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Over 78% green power in production 

Over 27%  reduced production waste

More than 32% water reduction in our production

Green sustainaible production

Out of respect for our planet and future generations, we have made an active choice in terms of improving our climatic conditions and have therefore changed all our production processes with sustainable initiatives.

This means that as our retailer or customer, you are contributing to the green transition and to use natural ressources wisely. 

We care and take responsibility !

Our mindset is about the entire product cycle both ecological and socially responsible.

Meaning that that we carefully select all our subcontractors. Therefore we know how cotton is grown,  the employment conditions is good and that their children go to school so they get an education.
All packaging is fsc certified and comes from sustainable Nordic forestry and all our products are both OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified.